babudu caratula

Melodies and rhythms of the Babudu

The curiosity of a traveler, José María Llopart, led him to record, using the rudimentary methods available locally, the songs on this CD that brings us into the musical universe of the Babudu, a Bantu people who live in the Ituri jungles in the Northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire).

The 19 tracks, recorded directly, include rhythms of the Tam-Tam, dance rhythms, children's songs, religious songs, and songs politically motivated by the Mobutu regime... One of the characteristics of the CD is its ethnic purity. If the sound quality is not the very best, the authenticity is unquestionable. A CD whose sounds take us at once into the heart of Africa.

José Luis Cortes/ Mundo Negro (October 2004)