Julián Azcona is a Navarese from Puente La Reina, but forty years of his life have been spent in Zaire, mostly in Legu, where until July, 2003, he worked as a missionary. His last destination was the Wamba region. He has lived through several revolts and knows very well the country and its people. Through his writings, which can be considered authentic "Memories of Africa", the reader can know both the life in this country and this man. Currently he is in Spain and perhaps will not return again to Africa.

Cuarto de radio

The mission radio like a powerful tam-tam allowed him to establish contacts with other missions and also through short wave radio with friends throughout the world to obtain news of relatives and friends. To contact Julián you may send a message to: azconajulian@hotmail.com

     Julian R.N.E RadioEuzkadi  X´MAS sonoro desde Zaire


Julian en RNE

He has appeared in various media, particularly in "Radio Exterior de España," National Radio (World Solidarity with Antonio Lapeña and Pepe Saldaña) and in Radio Euskadi (programs with Roge Blasco) to denounce the form of government in some African countries and also to inform (the audience) about his experiences and about life in Zaire (DRC). azconajulian@hotmail.com


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