In Africa you will always be not only welcomed but welcomed with a smile (le sourire en plus [a smile as a bonus]). The woman in the photo has made the common gesture of hospitality in these lands, a table and meal prepared for Father Ostos, a White Friar, visiting the settlement. This is a total luxury, especially if we compare it to their normal mealtime, which he accepts and for which he thanks with "Malamu, malamu!" (very good, thank you!)

Eating FuFu, made of tapioca, a very popular dish in all of Africa. It is very bland. Small balls of it are made and moistened with the juices from the dinner plate, in this case beans cooked in palm oil and salted makayabu, a fish found in the Albert and Edward Lakes.

Father Ostos, a missionary in Africa, upon his arrival greets the inhabitants of a settlement.

The missionaries do not limit their activities to religion but are also involved in social and governmental activities, for example, they pay the pensions  in places where there is no infrastructure.

He is told about births, deaths, marriages, baptisms, etc. and listens to their problems.