imbau Casa en construccion

What could be simpler? A small clearing in the jungle about fifty square meters with some five or six little houses whose structure consists of thirty-some sticks about as thick as one's little finger, lashed together with vines, anchored at each end into the earth, forming a half-dome shape.

imbau imbau

A series of "tiles" made of broad leaves protect the simple dreams of the most simple-living people in the world. An entrance without a door, a single wall without windows, a dirt floor.

Mujer Pigmea Preparando la comida

And the chairs? And the table? The space is wide enough to accommodate a roasted rat, a monkey haunch, a quarter of an antelope, four tapioca roots, a handful of leaves mashed and seasoned with the stimulating chili known as pili-pili (a small berry)

Utensios de cocina Cocinando

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