Sonrisa Anciana pigmea

The Pygmies inhabit—better said, roam, because they migrate always from one locale to another in a fabled country.

Regreso de la caza Regreso de la caza

An extensive territory, in which the trees are as numerous as grains of sand in the ocean, where the earth produces in profusion.

Selva imbau Cultivando la tierra. siempre las mujeres
Quemando la selva para hacer huerta Tala para ganar tierra cultivo

Burning a bit of jungle to convert it into arable land.

pedroburgos y dutchita

jm gomez

To the left Pedro Burgos and "Dutchita," an entire lifetime among the Pygmies of Imbau. For these lines, to José Manuel Gómez (Pepiño), sixteen years in Zaire, thank you for everything, Akshanti Sana!

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