atardecer en el rio zaire

There are names that make one dream. Africa, for example. A name whether read, spoken softly or simply heard has the magic power of evoking dreamlike scenes or the desire of distant adventures. AFRICA has yet to be discovered, in spite of all that has been said, written and filmed about it, because it is frugal with its beauties, a jealous guardian of its secrets, AFRICA hides from the curiosity seeker, the researcher, the scientist, in order to show itself only to one who approaches to love it.

But AFRICA is a dangerous love and whoever has surprised the intimacy of its lands and its people in order to share them will discover that a love of Africa leaves an impression on the mind, that once its scents, its colors and its sounds have made an inroad under one's skin, one will never be free of it and will stroll through the cold streets of Europe with an incurable melancholy, an unsatisfied desire to return and have once again before one's eyes the inexplicable enchantment of AFRICA.

No picture on this website is magnified, nor have I attempted to dramatize them in order to create a sense of surprise or of pity in whoever visits these pages. The photographs capture moments in the daily life of the inhabitants of this corner of Africa.

Before going to Zaire I had visited several countries, some of them African, but no place had the same emotional impact on me as this corner of the jungle of Zaire.

I am not a missionary, nor an explorer, nor a scientist, nor do I belong to any organization. I am, simply, a traveler who one day stepped onto Africa and remained entrapped by it.

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